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CCA May 23, 2017 Public Meeting Minutes

The meeting started at 7:15 PM at the United Evangelical Church. Doug Kaufman, President, welcomed everyone and thanked them for their quick transition from the church hall to the church itself.
  • He spoke about the CCA being a nonprofit and always needing volunteers. He mentioned the various committees and issues: Safety, Social Happy Hours, Waterfront Park, Dypski Park, Cleanups and Planting Trees.
  • The Board members present were introduced. Board elections are held in January of each year when half of the Board comes up for election.
  • There will be an order for O’Donnell Square bricks in June, and then one probably in September. The money raised goes for the Square. The CCA hopes to have a happy hour in late June.
  • Doug asked for a show of hands of those here for the Potomac Street Bike Route. He asked people to follow the Facebook page, as well as Canton Neighbors and Nextdoor. He is excited about the rebranding for the CCA.
  • State Senator Bill Ferguson, State Delegate Robbyn Lewis, State Delegate Luke Clippinger and State and Delegate Brooke Lierman were present.
  • Senator Ferguson spoke first acknowledging that people are here mostly for the Bike Route. He has had classroom experience. He feels the success of the City need great neighborhoods and good public school education opportunities. That is how he legislates. There were no tax increases this year. Senator Ferguson talked about the school budget which will now provide for four-year-olds to have all-day sessions. He said that one-third of the state budget goes to schools. (At this point there were a couple of interruptions). He also mentioned the substance abuse problem. He left copies of his legislature session recap on the table.
  • State Delegate Lewis, a new delegate, said she is honored to serve us saying she is with a great team. She worked at Johns Hopkins and is trying to help people in her area. They raised money and mobilized forces to plant trees.
  • State Delegate Clippinger’s day job is as a prosecutor. He has served on economic development issues such as green energy and solar energy. Also he has been involved with adult high schools which is different from getting a GED. Delegate Clippinger also hopes to get a bill signed that would provide for about 700,000 people to earn sick pay.
  • State Delegate Lierman was elected two years ago and is on the Budget Committee. She is involved in issues of justice and fairness. Another interest for her is the Transit System. The legislature voted to scrap the requirement that the transit systems cover at least 35 percent of their operating costs through ticket revenue. It now is waiting for Governor Larry Hogan’s signature. She gave out fliers about her Third Annual Community Picnic in the Park on June 4 from 2-4PM at Federal Hill Park on Warren Avenue.
There was a question and answer session. Someone asked about the state’s impact on the bike route. The State really isn’t involved in the day to day planning of this route.
Before the discussion about the Potomac Street Cycletrack, Doug thanked the Rev. Cathy Oatman for use of the church tonight as well as the Cardinal Tavern (901 S. Clinton Street) for the food they provided. Amanda asked that if anyone wants to sign up for a CCA membership, to please see her.
Potomac StreetCycletrack;
  • Doug asked for people to show respect during this discussion. There have been a lot of phone calls and conversations about this route. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is present tonight:
  1. Valerie LaCour, Director of Planning,
  2. John Malinowski, Traffic Engineer,
  3. Patrick Fleming, Senior Manager of Legislative Affairs
  4. Grishae Blackette.
  5. Lindsey Wines from Baltimore City, DOT.
  • Doug said this isn’t a new issue. It was discussed in several master planning efforts (a two-page document of the Potomac Street Bicycle Facility updated May 23, 2017) was distributed. Also distributed was the Potomac Street Protected Bike Lane FAQ two-page document. Doug mentioned having worked with former Councilman Jim Kraft on angle parking which increased parking. There are really no more places to put cars. The bike route is an effort to get people out of their cars.
  • Councilman Zeke Cohen talked about the high-level vision of how we got here, looking for alternative means of getting around Canton – public transportation, bikes and walking pads. At an earlier CCA meeting, the bike lane was discussed. Councilman Cohen said he is taking responsibility for the poor rollout.
  • Saying "he understands the frustration, he believes in intermodal transportation. There is support for this from the CCA as well as other organizations. There have been conversations with the Fire Department, Mayor and Department of Transportation."
  • Director LaCour will take all comments back to the DOT. This project started back in 2007 and it was felt that Potomac Street would be a good street to utilize. She feels the rollout wasn’t as good as it could have been.
There were questions and answers.
  • It is funded through a Transportation Alternatives Program grant (80% of funding) and City funds amount to 20%. Someone mentioned fire department access. This is being discussed with the Fire Dept.
Doug said any changes will be conveyed to residents citing the need to possibly have another meeting at which time possibly the snow removal team can be present.
John Malinowski gave a brief overview of the fire hydrant law.
Many comments centered around the design of the route, where the cars are parked, handicap parking spots (handled by the Parking Authority), snow removal, visibility issues in making a right-hand turn and getting out of cars into the driving lane. One suggestion is to make Potomac Street southbound for bikes and Ellwood Avenue northbound for bikes.
These are the immediate issues. Director LaCour will get with the Mayor’s office, the Councilman’s office, bike folks and DOT. Someone asked if DOT can do a study of drivers, bikers and pedestrians in the area.
Potomac StreetCycletrack;
  • Phase 2 would involve taking away the flexposts and putting something more aesthetic in place.
There were a few more comments for the Director.
  • An email will be set up for people to send questions or comments:
The meeting ended at 9:10 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Denise Aversa

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