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CCA Public Meeting Minutes 1/24/17

CCA Public MeetingTuesday, January 24, 2017:
The meeting started at 7:05 PM at the United Evangelical Church. Doug Kaufman, President of the CCA, welcomed everyone for coming. Doug stated: "We have ten Board meetings and five Public meetings a year along with EDC (Economic Development Committee) monthly meetings. We have a full agenda tonight and may jump around a bit."
Board Elections – 17 Total Seats – Two-Year Terms: Doug introduced the eight on the ballot this year; each said a few words:
Mark Edelson – ran for City Council and new to the Board; will be a little late
Torbin Green – in Canton for about 17 years, happy to serve.
Rev. Jim Hamilton – Church on the Square – will be a little late
Judy Howe – Treasurer
Doug – resident of Canton for seven years and CCA President for a year.
Valerie Kent – in Canton for about 18 years, on the Board for two years and in the Marketing capacity.
Rob Peck- in Canton for nine years and on the Board for six; his focus is on social events.
Sarah Quackenbush – in Canton for about five years and new to the Board; she is helping with Marketing
Doug urged people to get involved and if interested in a special committee, to please see a Board member. Examples of Committees are: Public Safety, EDC, Education and Marketing.
By signing up to be a member, you will get email updates". The site is
Councilman Zeke Cohen – 1st District Councilman Zeke Cohen spoke for a few minutes about how he sees the work through his office.He was recently elected with seven other young Council members with an opportunity to do better. He wants equity saying "Baltimore is the worst place to grow up as a young person. Right now his office is working very hard on getting back the S-Pass for students who ride the MTA. It was in effect from 5-8P and then stopped at 6P. This has created a lot of problems for students who have activities or jobs during that time and have to get home. The annual cost of getting this back to6-8P would be about $200,000 a year."
In order to help raise money, there will be a bake sale at the Hampstead Hill Academy on Feb. 3 at 4PM.Monetary donations are welcome to the “Fund for Educational Excellence”. Councilman Cohen wants to have work done in a transparent manner. At the end of each month, he will send out a tally and status of issues, with public safety getting bumped up. Councilman Cohen is also striving for collaboration with organizations, schools and the police. He talked about water bills. The infrastructure fee was $60 for new construction; this is now down to $28 a month. He believes crime is a concentrated poverty problem, and he is devoted to short and long-term solutions. Sponsoring COP walks (Citizen on Patrol) helps to build relationships in the area. Impact Statements are helpful when crimes are committed. Michelle Lee, Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office (here tonight) can help with that.
He urged people to walk in pairs if possible, get to know your neighbors and to get involved. He thanked the CCA for having him here tonight.There were questions and answers dealing with an increase in crime. The question of increased foot patrol by police was asked. Councilman Cohen said it is a challenge working with the Department of Public Works (DPW).He is working with Councilman Eric Costello (11th District) for a full audit.
Evelyn Vargas and Michelle Lee from the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office were introduced.They are our Community Liaisons and victim’s advocates.Southeast Police: Major George Clinedinst, SE District Commander, Captain Scott Snead and Community Officer Bryant Austin were introduced.There have been more robberies. The city-wide robbery team is making arrests. Major Clinedinst said: "Victims should try to get a good description, especially the attacker’s shoes." He also urged people to slow down posting inaccurate things on Facebook. He said someone could find themselves in court if posting. He also said that can sometimes cause harm. Security cameras can be registered so that detectives can check the cameras when something happens in that area. He would like to see more porch lights.There were questions and answers. It was asked if the car service, Uber, could be an extra set of eyes; there is nothing yet about that. Addresses should be on the front and back of houses to eliminate any extra time for the fire department or police department to respond. The Major said the police have a good working relationship with the school and MTA police.Some people tend to go to Royal Farms after a night of partying. The police will try to be a presence there.There are no extra officers for Canton; however, the Major said there will be increased oversight.He was asked if any officers live in Canton and yes, there are some. The “take home car program” may start which would mean more visibility. The 911 system might go back to being handled by the Police and Fire Departments. The City Council doesn’t control the Police or the MTA. Councilman Cohen would like more oversight. However, the Police Department is not a City agency. Doug said the CCA would like to support BPD and asked the Major for additionally conversations to determine how we can be most helpful. Currently, the Bicycle Patrol is not in Canton. A good source of information on crime is:
Doug would like information back to the community on what happens to suspects. Ride alongs might become available to residents. There is also the Citizens Police Academy for those interested.
Rev. Cathy Oatman (United Evangelical Church) spoke for a few minutes. She urged people to get involved in schools and community centers.
Board Election – Doug: The votes were tallied and each person was elected unanimously.
Doug thanked everyone for voting.
Community Action Fair – Rev. Jim Hamilton: There will be a meeting of nonprofits on Friday, Jan. 27 at the Church on the Square from 5-8PM.The purpose is for people to connect with local groups. This will be posted online.
Foster Care Recruitment & Retention, Department of Social Services: Doug introduced Cathy Fox and Sharon. They spoke about the need for foster parents.
Canton Memories February 11 – 2 PM: Flyers were handed out for this annual event. It will be at the Grunwald Club (2825 O’Donnell Street) and will feature Elaine Eff talking about Baltimore’s beloved folk art, painted screens.
Canton Canopies: Michael Woollen was introduced and handed out facts about their mission. He wants to address these issues, saying this project is in its infancy. He is looking to get matching grants.
Doug reminded people of upcoming meetings: Feb. 7 Board Meeting (Broom Factory) 7 PM Feb.13 EDC Meeting (Broom Factory) 6:30 PM March 28 Public Meeting (UE Church) 7 PM The meeting ended 8:50PM.Respectfully Submitted, Denise Aversa.

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