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CCA Public Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016


CCA Public Meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016
The meeting started at 7:05PM.
    Doug welcomed everyone and introduced the DPW liaison, Linzey Jackson. He had a quick overview of the
new water billing (Balti-Meter). Linzey asked if there were any questions and there were none. Pamphlets were handed out.
a)State Senator – Bill Ferguson ~ Talked about Public schools, overcrowding in the (13) SE schools, stated that some schools are 15% - 80% over capacity. He mentioned two schools will be renovated with using the 21st Century Community Schools grant. Senator Ferguson said there are three options for the old F.A.S.T./Canton Middle school. One would be to have Hampstead Hill host a two level school (Pre-K to 2nd& 3rd to 8th); another is to move John Ruhrer school to Canton Middle while under renovation. The third would be the school system opening a new, innovative school.
    Doug asked about the Bus Link and loss of busing options in Canton. Senator Ferguson said he was hopeful that the Circulator, which was extended eight months, would come to Canton to fill service gaps.
b)State Delegate – Brooke Lierman ~ Spoke about being a Civil rights lawyer and how she started the MTA Oversight Committee. She hopes the MTA oversight bill will pass in the General Assembly.
c)State Delegate – Luke Clippinger ~ Talked about the Community Solar program, Adult High Schools and the Uber bill. He stated he was on his second term of the Economic Committee.
JimKraftThankYous Doug:
    Doug stated it was his last community meeting and that Jim provided 12 years of service to our community. Del. Clippinger, Lierman and Senator Ferguson also said a few words to Jim Kraft.
    Ms. Joi was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award for her dedication and commitment to the CCA.
Councilman Kraft read a proclamation signed by all members of the City Council. Ms. Joi also received flowers
and a gift card to a local restaurant, Blue Hill Tavern.
Doug introduced the current and new members of the CCA Board. He stated the elections will be held at the
next meeting on January 24th
. The rebranding of the CCA was discussed. Ms. Joi asked about the membership
position and Doug stated that this was one of the positions we are looking to fill.
DypskiPark/CantonWaterfrontPark UpdateDoug/Alex:
    The two parks were discussed. Doug noted the Dypski Park renovations are to be finished (tentatively) by the Spring of 2018. The newfound use of Canton Waterfront Park was mentioned. Darryl let everyone know that Professor Water Wheel will be located by the Anchorage Towers.
UpcomingEvents Doug/Torbin/Amanda:
    ?The commissioning of the Water Wheel known as “Professor Water Wheel” is this Sunday, Dec. 4 at 2:30.
    ?Torbin discussed the details of the Lamp Post Lighting Ceremony. Torbin thanked the CCA for sponsoring $500 towards the event.
   ?Next meeting will be Tuesday, January 24th at 7pm with elections
    Last questions were asked. Torbin mentioned the no parking signs on South Potomac Street for the dedicated
bike lane striping.
    ?Doug introduced Mike Ball, the new President of the Bayview Community Association.
    ?Ms. Joi mentioned volunteers are needed for the Holiday Bazaar and that they are looking for a Santa. She also wanted to see if the CCA could have a membership table at the event.
The meeting ended 8:13PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Torbin Green

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