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CCA May Public Meeting Minutes

CCA Public Meeting / Tuesday, May 10, 2016  


The meeting started at 7:10PM at the United Evangelical Church on Dillon Street and East Avenue.  The CCA President, Doug Kaufman, welcomed everyone to the meeting.

General Announcements:

Doug said we have four Public meetings a year.  The next meeting is September 27 with the last one being November 29.  Board elections are held in January.

 Doug said there are a lot of new faces, and the CCA is signing up new members.  Dues are a minimum $10.  The CCA contributed $5,000 for the Canton library.  We hope to donate to the Water Wheel. 

 On Wednesday, May 11 there will be a COP (Citizens on Patrol) walk at 7P starting at Ace Hardware on Binney and O’Donnell Streets.  Doug said this is a good way to meet the police and Canton residents.

 He thanked those who helped with cleanups. 

 The CCA Board members were introduced with Doug mentioning their roles.

 There will be a Marketing meeting on Monday, May 16 at the Broom Factory.  Those interested in marketing, graphics, etc. are welcomed.

 Brooke Lierman is having a Constituent Picnic in Patterson Park on Sunday, June 5.

 Doug once again asked for volunteers saying people can let Board members know of their interests.


Healthy Harbor Initiative – Leanna Wetmore

Leanna gave an update and said the Healthy Harbor Report Card 2015 is at the front table.

She talked about the sewage backup.  She also talked about the Water Wheel at the end of the Jones Falls stream.  They are about 80% toward their goal.

 There will be a Flotilla Event on June 11.  They hope to have 200 boats for a rally for clean water.  There will be an afterparty at the Canton Waterfront Park.

 Recs & Parks may be able to help in August using kayaks to clean those areas hard to clean.

 City Bike Share Program – Potomac and Hudson Street Bike Lanes:

Councilman Jim Kraft spoke for a few minutes about this subject.  Saying he had received emails on this matter, he asked the CCA to have a followup meeting.  This program was initiated back in 2010 with various parties having meetings.  There were robocalls to people about meetings.  In earlier meetings, angle parking, permit parking and the possibility of meters on Boston Street were all discussed.  Since 2012, he wanted to get funding for this project.  Only a minimum of parking will be lost.  The money from the federal government will be used for this program only.

 Caitlin Doolin, Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator, introduced herself and talked about the projected lanes and why this is important.  There will be a two-way bike lane (enough for both directions), a parallel parking lane (with protection from bikes), driving lane and then a parallel parking lane.  There are 200 bike lanes across the country.  Potomac Street can fit this from Eastern Avenue to Boston Street and then continue to the promenade.  This is a better option than riding a bike on Fleet Street or Eastern Avenue. 

City Bike Share Program – Potomac and Hudson Street Bike Lanes:

Phase I will be the fall of 2016.  Phase II will review the program, and Phase III, Community Oriented Opportunity, will work with community groups.

 In total, about five to seven parking spaces will be removed along Potomac Street from Eastern to Boston Street.

 There is an opportunity for contraflow bike lane on Hudson Street from Lakewood to Montford Avenue/ Boston Street.

 There were questions and answers.  There will be a need to have a strategy for enforcing rules.  Someone questioned the need for a two-way bike lane.  Signage will be set up along the route.  The CCA will have notices posted on the website and Canton Neighbors to inform people of new lanes and help to avoid accidents. 

 Councilman Kraft said there was an increase in 30% of the number of parking spaces in Canton as a result of reverse-angle parking lanes and that data can be supplied if needed. 

 There could be problems on the Promenade – where are the safest places for bikers, walkers, dogs and strollers? The Promenade was not built for bike use with everyone else.

 Education is needed.  This can be disseminated through the CCA.

 The bike lane will be on the west side of Potomac Street.  Construction is to start in late summer. 

 The Bike Share program is planned to start this fall with a company having been chosen.


At this point, Doug introduced Rev. Jim Hamilton, Board member, who handles Dypski Park for the CCA.  Rob Peck, who handles social functions such as happy hours for the CCA, was introduced.

 Doug welcomed Zeke Cohen, Democrat candidate for first district councilman. He also welcomed Mark Edelson and Sean Flanagan.

 He thanked the Pizza & Wing Factory for supplying pizzas tonight along with the United Evangelical Church for use of the hall.

 Doug said there will be a “Meet & Greet” at Walt’s Inn (O’Donnell Street) after this meeting.


Dypski Park Discussion (Recs & Parks):

Department of Recs & Parks:  Sara Hope, Design Planner, Kate Brower, Urban Planner, Paul Taylor, Chief, Capital Development and Planning and William Anderson, Landscape Architect, Capital Development and Planning.

Doug introduced Recs & Parks saying it is great to see all the children and strollers in Canton.  The pool hasn’t been in use for a number of years.  Greg Marsh, a former CCA Board member, started “Friends of Dypski Park”.  Rev. Jim Hamilton took over this group. 

The hope is to get a park that is a safe, fun play area for all ages and throughout the year. 

 Dypski Park Discussion (Recs & Parks):

Kate Brower spoke first saying that Recs & Parks reviewed the needs expressed at the November charrette which was open to Canton residents. Canton Waterfront Park will be reviewed at a later date.

 Three design options have been presented – water and play areas, whimsical theme (e.g., a steamship) and open lawn with a bike loop, pavilion and shade canopies.  The wading pool would be removed and the pavilion would be relocated.  The trees would have to be maintained with access to the park improved. 

 Sara spoke about the Canton Waterfront saying they want to expand activities, possibly reduce the size of the parking lot and reuse the police building. 

 Sara said they want to hear what residents want for Dypski Park.  Someone mentioned that maintenance might be hard for a water play feature.  Another mentioned that a big splash pad should not be in a local park.  Saying this is a local playground, the feeling is not to have an area for an adult workout. 

 Keith Kormanik from Coppermine spoke for a few minutes.  He is concerned about losing any parking, and that it may be too much for his staff to maintain the park.

 Play equipment is divided by ages 2-5 and 5-12.  There are not many 10-12 year old children.  Since children love swings, it’s felt more are needed.  The bike loop seems okay.

Gates are needed for more safety.  Someone asked if dogs could be a problem, although the dog park is close by. 

 A concept plan should be finalized in June.  This can be put on the CCA website for feedback.  Design development will be in July and construction plans should be advertised in the fall.  It’s expected that construction will start the summer of 2017.

 The meeting adjourned at 9:10PM.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Aversa

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