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CCA Minutes for 12/9/2015

                                   CCA Public Meeting December 9, 2015

 The meeting started at 7:05PM in the Church on the Square.  President Sean Flanagan introduced himself and thanked everyone for attending. The food was supplied by Pie 360 at 3731 Boston Street.  He said this is the latest we have had a Public meeting.  The one in October was with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  The meeting in November was with Recs and Parks discussing the Canton Waterfront plans. 

 Sean said the CCA is working on several issues including Transform Baltimore and the Canton Waterfront.  A marketing survey was conducted with 370 responses received; this should help us build the Canton Community Association.

 General Announcements:

There will be Board elections in January if anyone is interested.

 The December 1 date for the Canton Library reopening has passed.  The equipment is still there.  It is hoped to be opened by the middle of February 2016.  The CCA made a $5,000 contribution to the library fund. 

 There is a boxing event at the DuBurns Arena this Saturday, December 12 which will bring in about 1,000 people.  There will be an impact on the neighborhood. 

 There is a meeting on Monday, December 14 about the St. Patrick’s Day Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  It will be here at the church.  The CCA’s Economic Development Committee (EDC) meeting is the same night at the Broom Factory. 

 Dan Tracy mentioned a few other things.  The will be a toy drive on Saturday, Dec. 12 at O’Donnell Square.  The Highlandtown Exchange Club (a nonprofit community service organization) is selling chances for a Taste of our Community at $5.00 each.  The train garden at the engine house (520 S. Conkling Street) started November 28.  There are also brochures about dining and shopping in Highlandtown.

 Denise Aversa, CCA Secretary, mentioned Baltimore Link which will involve renaming  existing Mass Transit Administration (MTA) modes with changes to be made.  This will be a big deal and people are urged to be aware of it.  Brochures were made available.  The link is:

 Sergeant Jeffrey Featherstone - Community Collaboration Division:

The Sergeant spoke about the area.  He feels that Canton is fantastic and sees it as “thriving”.  He gave a report on four stolen autos, two commercial robberies, one street robbery, nine larcenies from cars and 16 burglaries from the home for the last thirty days.  Some of this happened because of open windows and doors.  He warned people to be more mindful. 

 He advised that if something is on Facebook, he can be contacted at 410-396-2422

443-695-9983 to verify it.  Or Sean can be contacted.  His job is to find out if something did indeed happen. 

 There were a few questions about patrols around Patterson Park.  There are park rangers helping in that area. 

 The district is back to posts again which means one policeman for the park along with plainclothes police.  He can get us information about COP walks in Patterson Park. As far as foot patrols, he said that gets complicated for a big area. Sergeant Jeffrey Featherstone - Community Collaboration Division

Sean brought up nuisances and complaints in the 1100 block S. Curley Street.  When someone asked about people driving away from the Square appearing to be drunk, he said to please get the tag number, a good description of the person and the direction they are heading. 

 As for texting and driving, that is sometimes up to the officer’s discretion and depends on the officer’s time.  It was brought up about people running stop signs, and texting while driving in the area of Hampstead Hill Academy (500 block S. Linwood Avenue).

CCA – Marketing Survey:

Doug Kaufman, Vice President, and Valerie Kent, Board member, spoke about the Marketing Committee.  The process was started in April for a marketing audit.  She said the CCA knows it needs to communicate better and to have a greater sense of community.

The website needs to be more user friendly.  Doug asked for volunteers – writers, developers, public relations people and photographers.

 Transform Baltimore:

Dan Tracy spoke on the new proposed Zoning Code along with maps.  This has been a four year process after not having been changed for 40 years.  This area is mainly residential. He wants to make this process known to residents and businesses.  Copies of the report are available here tonight.  Kate Edwards is our City Planner. 

 Dan asked if there were any questions.  He said Councilman Jim Kraft welcomes feedback from the CCA.  He said they are trying to get a list on social media.  The final meeting is December 15. 

 Recs & Parks:

The Canton Waterfront park is undergoing changes with the disposition of property of the Department of Public Works (DPW).  The Baltimore Police Marine Unit will be the only one left.  The issue of what to do with remaining property is the question.  The CCA sees this as the last chance for green space since there is a lot of new development in the future – Canton Crossing, Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT), Merritt and the Kauffman Electric (3400 Boston Street) property. 

 This will be a lengthy process.  Recs & Parks is pushing to have the ice rink from Patterson Park moved to the waterfront.  This would impose a big impact on this area.  It’s been suggested to have something for older children down there.  Recs & Parks will bring feedback from the November meeting back to the CCA Board for another general meeting.

 The meeting adjourned at 8:35PM. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Denise Aversa

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